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AGRIMAX LIQUID FERTILISER is a Nutritional product, which provides complete nutrition for a crop. AGRIMAX is composed of Nitrogen – 9%, Phosphorus – 8%, Potash -8% and Iron – 1.5%, Manganese – 1.5, Zinc – 5%, Copper – 1%, Molybdenum – 0.3%, Boron – 1% and Sulphur- 4%. This is a completely balanced nutritional product having 10 nutrients in 1 product

Scientific discussion and Theory behind the development and effectiveness of the product –

Any crop requires 16 essential plant nutrients.

Out of these 16 nutrients; Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen are absorbed from the Air, while Plants must obtain the following mineral nutrients through the growing media:

  The primary Macronutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K)
  The three secondary nutrients: Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sulphur (S).
  The Micronutrients Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Boron(B), Molybdenum (Mo) and Chlorine (Cl).
  Justus von Liebig’s Law of the Minimum states that yield is proportional to the amount of the most limiting nutrient, whichever nutrient it may be. From this, it may be inferred that if the deficient nutrient is supplied, yields may be improved to the point that some other nutrient is needed in greater quantity than the soil can provide, and the Law of the Minimum would apply in turn to that nutrient.Liebig’s Law Figure –

It says that DEFICIENCY OF ANY NUTRIENT, IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YIELD LOSS. Every nutrient has a specific function to perform for a plant. Lack of that particular nutrient stops its particular functions, which directly affect the yield.

  Concept of Hidden Hunger in crop: Deficiency of any nutrient is only visibly seen on plants body when the deficiency is very severe. When plant is deficient with nutrients but the deficiency is not visible on plant parts, its is called Hidden Hunger. Because of Hidden Hunger the expected yields cannot be achieved.
  Out of 16 nutrients 3 are taken from Air by the crop. Out of rest of the 13 Calcium and Magnesium can be applied to the soil according to requirement. Then 11 Nutrient remains. Chloride in not added in Agrimax as it adversely affects the flowering of plants if not supplied in accurate quantities. Thus after skipping Calcium, Magnesium and Chloride from rest of the 13 nutrients, 10 nutrients remains and which are very essential for any plant. All these 10 nutrients are available in substantial quantity in AGRIMAX.
  Farmers normally apply only 2 to 3 nutrients out of 13 nutrients which are to be supplied through soil/media. So the crop remains hungry for the rest of the nutrients which are not being supplied.
  AGRIMAX Liquid fertilizer is formulated with the consideration to provide balanced nutrition and to satisfy the hidden hunger of the crops.
  AGRIMAX shows quick results because it satisfies hidden hunger of a crop. Nutrient deficiencies are removed and naturally it can give optimum yield of crop according to Leibig’s law and in realty. In parallel to the nutrition, 5 auxin’s and 2 hormones are produced inside the plant body as an effect of proper nutrition, which catalyses the crop growth.
  Locking of nutrients (means nutrients gets converted to a form which is not available to plants) in the soil – Soil pH and Calcium Carbonate/Bicarbonate, play crucial role in locking or fixing nutrients.

Please refer to the chart regarding Nutrient availability according to Soil pH and how it limits nutrient availability to the crop:

The soils in Africa are inclined towards Acidity so it affects availability of many nutrients.

Advantages of Foliar Application of Fertilisers –

Science says that –

Foliar application is 20 times more effective as compared to Soil application.
Foliar Fertilization is the most efficient way to increase yield and plant health. Tests have shown that foliar feeding can increases yields from 12% to 25% when compared to conventional fertilization.
Tests, conducted (by various scientists) in different locations, under different environmental conditions, have reflected the following;
More that 90% of the fertilizer is utilized by the plant when applied through foliar way. When a similar amount is applied to the soil, only some percent of it is utilized because of fixation, losses (volatilization, leaching etc.) and limitation of movement in the soil (Phosphorus and Potash has limited movement).
Foliar feeding is an effective method for correcting the deficiencies and overcoming the soil’s inability to transfer nutrients to the plant under low moisture conditions.
Application of fertilizers in the soil requires irrigation or rainfall followed by the fertilizer application but in the case of Foliar application irrigation or rainfall are not the essential factors.
Fixation/Locking of nutrients do not occur in the case of foliar application as the nutrients hardly come in contact with the soil.AGRIMAX MULTINUTRIENT LIQUID FERTILISER has been designed by considering all above scientific facts, thus it takes care of nutrient deficiencies and bring Nutrient Sufficiency in the crop.


  Satisfaction of hidden hunger.
  Maximizes the crop yield.
  Improvement in the quality of produce
  Provides strength to the crop
  Fertilization is possible even when rain is not there.
  25% to 50% saving on soil applied fertilizers.
  Minimum 1:4 cost benefit ratio in every crop.
  Visible results
  Affordable priceFormulated and Manufactured by –
Agriterra Africa Ltd.
P. O. Box 693 – 00606, Nairobi, Kenya Cell – +254 732960999;
Email –
Product name – AGRIMAX ® MULTINUTRIENT LIQUID FERTILISER Kenya Bureau of Standards Mark no. – 13893

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