Corn gluten meal 65% minimum protein. Corn Gluten Meal is a multifunctional high protein ingredient. It is a by-product of corn wet milling process and corn starch production golden yellow in color and fine granular in its physical appearance. A good source of protein,energy and pigments for livestock species.It is a good source of the amino acid methionine (2,4 g/100g protein).Due to its high protein content,corn gluten meal is mostly used as a source of protein as a potential alternative to other plant or animal-based proteins such as soybean meal, meat and bone meal, fish meal and Omena.
Corn gluten meal is low in ash, potassium and sodium, and has natural yellow / orange pigments (xanthophylls) such as zeaxanthin and lutein. These xanthophylls have an important role as natural antioxidants. Because it is easy to digest, has a low mineral content and non–allergenic proteins, Corn gluten meal is ideal for use in a broad range of high quality animal feeds.
Corn gluten meal for cattle
Highly productive dairy cattle require a nutrient-rich feed.To achieve their production potential, as well as feeding on good quality forage,animals will benefit from energy and protein components in their compound feed.
Corn gluten meal contains a naturally high bypass protein level and a high metabolisable energy level which helps improve milk and milk protein yields in high-yielding dairy cattle.

Corn gluten meal for poultry
Corn is a basic ingredient of most poultry feeds. Corn gluten meal is an excellent source of amino acids and can therefore provide protein and energy in the feed ration. It also contains natural orange/yellow pigments(xanthophylls),which are an effective natural colour source for organic broilers and egg yolks.

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Country of Origin and Supply: China.
Net weight: 25KG
Cost per KG: sh 110
Cost for 25KG net weight: sh 2750

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